Build A Killer Coaching Business From The Stage
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Build A Killer Coaching Business From The Stage



Build A Killer Coaching Business From The Stage

Course Description

Welcome to Build a Killer Coaching Business from the Stage. This is a precise system created to assist you to package, present and profit from your advice so you can command maximum fees and royalties for your advice. The course if broken down into five sections:

  • Create Your Operating Leverage
  • Position Yourself as THE Trusted Advisor
  • Read Your Audience Minds
  • 7 Figure Presentation Formulas: Platform and Keynote Speaking
  • Grow an Internationally Recognized Coaching Business

You will want to download the workbook that assists you with the implementation in home study fashion. As well, there are exclusive resources you will have access to including The Ultimate Offer Formula™ and Quick Home Business Profits™. You will also have access to my exact templates to organize your speaking presentations and a license of The Profit Projector™, a great assessment tool to assist you to 'flip' the business funnel and instead have ideal candidates sell themselves to work with you. To assist you with implementation of the advice, you will want to access the additional Action Plans that accompany each Section. Finally, if you are open to challenging your assumptions about success and willing to take focused driven action, you are going to love the journey that we are about to embark on together.

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn!
  • People who want to better themselves through learning.
  • Individuals who have a strong desire to invest in themselves and their future.

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • You need a computer, the Internet, and speakers so you can hear the lessons. If you're a super student, then grab a pen and paper to take notes.

What you'll get from this course?

  • You will learn Build A Killer Coaching Business From The Stage and become a rockstar! You'll have access to hours of quality content, online resources, and much more.


Create Your Operating Leverage

   Lesson 1:    What is Your DMO?

   Lesson 2:    Find Your 'Seam of Success'

   Lesson 3:    Use an Inversion Conversion Funnel

   Lesson 4:    Create a Scalable Coaching Model

Position Yourself as THE Trusted Advisor

   Lesson 5:    Use Education Based Selling (EBS)

   Lesson 6:    Leverage EBS with Value Based Selling

   Lesson 7:    Maximize Your Financial Power

   Lesson 8:    Create Your Competitive Advantage

Read Your Audience Minds

   Lesson 9:    The Ultimate Offer Formula™

   Lesson 10:    Hypnotic Speaking

   Lesson 11:    EBS Value Stream Formula Template

   Lesson 12:    Right Brain (R) / Left Brain (L) Analysis

   Lesson 13:    Value Stream Creation Tips

7 Figure Presentation Formulas: Platform & Keynote Speaking

   Lesson 14:    Stage Speaking

   Lesson 15:    Platform Speaking: Organize Your Advice

   Lesson 16:    Platform Speaking: Create Your Value Stream

   Lesson 17:    Platform Speaking: Service Offer Breakdown

   Lesson 18:    Keynote Riches

   Lesson 19:    Stealth Selling Inside of a Keynote Formula

   Lesson 20:    10X Your Keynote Power with an SDM

Grow an Internationally Recognized Coaching Business

   Lesson 21:    Assessment Tools to Ignite Trusted Advisory Status

   Lesson 22:    Assessment Tools which Flip the Business Funnel

   Lesson 23:    Consultative Selling

   Lesson 24:    10 Step Consultative Process

   Lesson 25:    Three Step Accelerated Coaching Model