The 5 Secrets of Best Selling Authors
by: Elite Online Publishing

The 5 Secrets of Best Selling Authors



The 5 Secrets of Best Selling Authors

Course Description

In this course, study 5 secrets that will take your publications to the next level, with Melanie Johnson and Jen Foster. Melanie has owned and operated two TV stations. She is also a Michigan State University. Graduate, CEO of Elite Online Publishing, an Estate Developer and Investor. Jenn Foster is a Utah State University graduate, CEO of Social Biz Boom, CEO of Elite Online Publishing, and  seven-time national best seller and a two-time international best seller. Together these two create a dynamic duo that have the experience that can help any author from novice to professional elevate their skills.

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Authors
  • Future Authors
  • Publishers

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Internet Connection
  • Viewing Platform
  • Writing Utensils

What you'll get from this course?

  • Search Optimization
  • Reader Base Tracking
  • Marketplace Testing
  • Confidence in Your Book
  • Confidence in Yourself



   Lesson 1:    Is Your Book Everywhere You Are?

   Lesson 2:    Lead Capture Book Selling Website

   Lesson 3:    The Foot In The Door Strategy

   Lesson 4:    Break Free From The Handcuff Of Your Publisher

   Lesson 5:    Secrets on Amazon