Authors Go From Zero To Hero with Your Book
by: Elite Online Publishing

Authors Go From Zero To Hero with Your Book



Authors Go From Zero To Hero with Your Book

Course Description

Melanie Johnson is a 7x Best Selling Author who launched, owned, and operated 2 independent TV stations in Houston and Dallas, and is an owner of Elite Online Publishing. Jenn Foster is a 10x Best Selling Author, CEO of Biz Social Boom, and also an owner of Elite Online Publishing. Together they will walk you through the steps of how to get your ideas out on to paper, how to make your story heard, and how to profit from it. These videos are aimed to take you and your book to the next level.

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Authors
  • Philosophers
  • Teachers
  • Journalist
  • Any one with a story to tell!

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Any device to view  the course
  • Pen and paper to take any notes
  • Speakers or headphones

What you'll get from this course?

  • Get your idea down on paper
  • Publish your book
  • Market your book
  • Take you and your book to the next level



   Lesson 1:    Your Book Will Revolutionize Your Business and Change Your Life

   Lesson 2:    Top 3 Ways to Make Money with Your Book

   Lesson 3:    Out of the Box Strategies: Marketing and Leveraging Your Book

   Lesson 4:    Make Your Book Irresistible

   Lesson 5:    Moving Forward to Your Hero Badge

   Lesson 6:    How to Make Massive Amounts of Marketing Content for Your Social Media

   Lesson 7:    7 Fatal Mistakes when Picking a Publisher

   Lesson 8:    10 Shockers of Self Publishing

   Lesson 9:    The Secrets of Amazon

   Lesson 10:    The Social Media Road Map

   Lesson 11:    Killer Book Signing Party

   Lesson 12:    Get Your Buns Off the Bench