by: Damon Neth





Course Description

Do you wish you could turn weakness in your company or department into strength?  Struggles into success?  Outsourcing is a modern-day business best practice used by over 66% of recently surveyed companies that allows companies to quickly gain expertise and impressive results matched specifically to your company’s needs.

Out$ource EVERYTHING! Is designed to give business owners and executives all of the tools and knowledge necessary to identify the best opportunities for outsourcing functions in your company!  This course starts by identifying the best opportunities for outsourcing based on your company’s specific needs.

This course walks you through the process of converting needs into requirements that are used as the basis for evaluating potential outsourced partners and provides you with tools to identify and select the best partner for you based on your specific needs.  It then teaches you best practices in planning a successful transition of a function to a new partner and helps you create a powerful scorecard to track the performance of your new partner.

Created by a veteran of business transformation, Damon Neth has helped nearly 100 companies achieve results that they could not attain on their own, many through outsourcing specific business functions.  Out$ource EVERYTHING! Is a comprehensive course that teaches you how pros approach outsourcing.  It provides you with 14 proven and powerful tools that we workshop together during the course to allow you to start transforming your business immediately.

Students taking this course learn everything necessary to tackle outsourcing of functions large and small within their specific organization and the tools to assess the companies needs, partner requirements and partner fit to select the right partner every time.  The tool and approaches taught in this course can be used over and over again for each specific outsourced need within your company.  Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of this dynamic, modern business practice, as these skills will serve you well for many, many years to come!

Who is this course perfect for?

Entrepreneurs, Executives & Managers of companies large and small.  And, most importantly, Solorpreneurs who want to grow and scale without hiring a lot of employees or investing in a lot of infrastructure.

What's the requirement to take this course?

Must have a willingness to change current business practices, be open-minded and truly believe there is at least one thing that could, should or MUST be outsourced in your current company.  Users must also have access to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, as well as Microsoft Word or Google Docs and be able to view (read) Adobe PDF documents.

What you'll get from this course?

Complete knowledge of how to successfully outsource any function in your business, large or small

  • A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Outsourcing Success
  • A Complete Set of 11 Tools for Outsourcing Anything
  • Illustrated Examples of ALL Tools
  • All 11 Tools Completed for Your #1 Outsourcing Need Right NOW!
  • Knowledge of How Professionals Get Outsourcing Success Time after Time
  • Everything You Will Need to Find the Perfect Partner NOW!
  • A Repeatable Process You Can Use Forever!!



   Lesson 1:    What is Outsourcing & Why Would I Do It?

   Lesson 2:    How Do You Know What to Outsource?

   Lesson 3:    Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

   Lesson 4:    What are We Going to Actually Outsource?

   Lesson 5:    How Much Does this Cost Today?

   Lesson 6:    Set SMART Goals & Identify Major Barriers (Issues)

   Lesson 7:    Creating the Partner Fit Scorecard

   Lesson 8:    Ideal Partner Profile

   Lesson 9:    We're Ready to Find a Partner!

   Lesson 10:    Knowing How Much to Pay & Creating a Great Agreement

   Lesson 11:    Plan Your Transition Like a Pro

   Lesson 12:    Execute for Success