The Secret Keys to Unlock Your Inner Genius: New Mind New Reality
by: Dr. Greg Brown




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Course Description

Taking your weaknesses and challenges, and turning them into your strengths and energy.

Who is this course perfect for?

This course is perfect for those of us who are stuck in their patterns. If you want to break lose and take control back of your life, then this is the perfect place to start.

What's the requirement to take this course?

Frustration, Passion, the idea that you will no longer accept what you have by giving up what you want!

What you'll get from this course?






   Introduction    Intro

   Lesson 1:    The Blind Spot

   Lesson 2:    NLP Communication Model

   Lesson 3:    How to Escape the Maze

   Lesson 4:    Time Line and Experience Pearls

   Lesson 5:    Eliminate Negative Emotion: Anger

   Lesson 6:    Eliminate Negative Emotion: Sadness

   Lesson 7:    Eliminate Negative Emotion: Fear

   Lesson 8:    Eliminate Negative Emotion: Hurt

   Lesson 9:    Eliminate Negative Emotion: Guilt

   Lesson 10:    Identify Past Limiting Decision

   Lesson 11:    Eliminate Past Limiting Decision

   Lesson 12:    Write Your Perfect Goal for the Future

   Lesson 13:    Place Your Goal In Your Future Time Line

   Lesson 14:    Next Steps for Your Growth