Darkness of The Criminal Mind: Forensic Psychiatry
by: Dr. Greg Brown




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Course Description

Have you ever wondered how those psychiatrists on CSI, Law & Order, and other court shows understand the minds of criminals? Or maybe whatever happened to OJ Simpson in the Nevada case where he was sentenced? Have you questioned how people can be admitted to psychiatric facilities against their will?

All of these questions and a lot more get answered in this quick overview of Forensic Psychiatry: “Darkness of the Criminal Mind.” Put yourself in the role of an evaluator and see what factors change your opinion. From the Insanity Defense to Guardianship Hearings, this course puts you in the middle of intriguing cases based on real material that I, a Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist, have personally evaluated over the past twenty years.

Who is this course perfect for?

If you have always been curious as to why criminals make the decision they make this course is for you.

What's the requirement to take this course?


What you'll get from this course?

To have a better understanding of the mind of criminals today and what sets them apart from others. You will also learn some civil law and what could happen in certain cases.



   Lesson 1:    Who am I?

   Lesson 2:    What is a Forensic Psychiatrist?

My involvement with OJ Simpson case

   Lesson 3:    The Nevada Case Against OJ Simpson

Criminal Cases

   Lesson 4:    Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity: “He was going to kidnap my baby!”

   Lesson 5:    The Law and The History

   Lesson 6:    Opinions and Experiences: NGRI Case: “He was going to kidnap my baby!”

   Lesson 7:    Competence to Proceed: “The aliens made me steal the necklace”

   Lesson 8:    Competence to Stand Trial: The Law and The History

   Lesson 9:    Opinions and Experiences: Competence to Stand Trial Case: “The aliens made me steal the necklace”

Civil Cases

   Lesson 10:    Personal Injury: “The plane was burning around me.”

   Lesson 11:    Personal Injury Case: The Law and The History

   Lesson 12:    Opinions and Experiences: Civil Damages Personal Injury Case: “The plane was burning around me”

   Lesson 13:    Guardianship: “I know she doesn’t love me. . .”

   Lesson 14:    Guardianship: The Law and The History

   Lesson 15:    Opinions and Experiences: Guardianship Case: “I know she doesn’t love me...”

   Lesson 16:    Involuntary Commitment: “It wasn’t my blood....”

   Lesson 17:    Involuntary Commitment: The Law and the History

   Lesson 18:    Opinions and experiences: Involuntary Civil Commitment Case: “It wasn’t my blood....”


   Lesson 19:    Conclusion