12 Quick Weight Loss Secrets
by: Dr. Greg Brown

12 Quick Weight Loss Secrets



12 Quick Weight Loss Secrets

Course Description

How will it feel to learn how to lose weight WITHOUT feeling deprived?

Have you ever lost weight for a while, maybe for that special event, but later it just came back again? Possibly with a few extra pounds?  Have you ever felt STUCK and OVERWHELMED at the idea of weight loss because you just don't know where to start? Maybe other programs have failed you in the past and you feel like your body is just... broken?

It can feel like a struggle.
You are not alone. 
I have been there.

After struggling with weight my entire adult life, I finally cracked the code to successfully lose and keep off 65 pounds without feeling deprived.

I have put together this course to share the 12 key secrets I discovered that will jump start your efforts.

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Who is this course perfect for?

  • Anyone who is feeling STUCK with their weight loss progress
  • Those who want to be HEALTHY without feeling DEPRIVED
  • People who want to feel in control over their cravings and experience overall wellness
  • Individuals who desire SIMPLICITY when it comes to learning how to lose weight with long-term results

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • You need a computer, the Internet, and speakers so you can hear the lessons. If you're a super student, then grab a pen and paper to take notes.

What you'll get from this course?

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be sharing information about physical health and weight loss, I would have honestly thought you were deeply misinformed. I just wasn’t “that person.”

I was the person who, when waitstaff asked if I “wanted French Fries with that," my thinking was, “what else could I want with a burger, of course.”

But after I hit my all time high weight between 2010 and 2011, I realized in a moment on that hateful scale that I really had to do something. After 30 years of the diet yoyo, something had to change inside me.

And I also knew that I wasn’t going to spend my life in a gym, and that I would have to find a diet where I didn’t feel deprived. Those two realities had to be the pillars of support for my new life.

I looked everywhere to find some information about the successful journey of weight loss, but it just didn’t exist.

Diet books and exercise books all say that this new plan has to become a lifestyle. But none of them tell you how.

I had a near life-long challenge with weight. The key word in that sentence is “had.”

I’ve lost more than 65 pounds now and kept it off for years.

In this course, you will learn the 12 'secrets' I attribute my weight loss success to, and how to implement those 12 secrets into your own daily life to begin your personal weight loss journey --- successfully!



   Lesson 1:    Make Your WHY Huge

   Lesson 2:    Pick The Lifestyle You Will Enjoy

   Lesson 3:    Deprivation 1: Discover Incredibly Exciting Substitute Foods

   Lesson 4:    Deprivation 2: Redefine What Foods You Like

   Lesson 5:    Love What You Eat SLOWLY!

   Lesson 6:    Champions Never Eat After Dark

   Lesson 7:    Light Exercise After Last Meal of Day

   Lesson 8:    Meditation Practice - Serum Cortisol

   Lesson 9:    Affirmations - Present Tense, What You Want, Not What You Don't Want

   Lesson 10:    Special Affirmation: Name: Your Perfect Weight is # AND You Weigh # NOW

   Lesson 11:    Get Your Unconscious Congruent!

   Lesson 12:    Special Contemplation: Why Am I Where I Am in My Journey: How Has My Weight/Fat/Size SERVED ME until NOW?