The Path To A Bulletproof Mindset
by: Croix Sather

The Path To A Bulletproof Mindset

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The Path To A Bulletproof Mindset

Course Description

Learn to crush goals and break down barriers with Croix Sather, a Real Estate Agent, Author, World-Class Athlete, and Motivational Speaker.

Who is this course perfect for?

Anyone in Search of

  • Motivation
  • New State of Mind
  • Goal Planning

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Internet Connection
  • Viewing Platform
  • Writing Utensils

What you'll get from this course?

  • A Plan to Destroy Goals
  • New Mind Set
  • Revitalized Motivation



   Lesson 1:    First Step to Extraordinary

   Lesson 2:    Thrive Through Failure

   Lesson 3:    Shifting Your Mind

   Lesson 4:    The Path is the Way

   Lesson 5:    Dominate ALL the WAY to the Finish Line

   Lesson 6:    Bullseye with a Silver Bullet

   Lesson 7:    Ruthless Focus

   Lesson 8:    Model Success

   Lesson 9:    Breakthrough Fear... Again & Again

   Lesson 10:    Hell Yeah or Hell No

   Lesson 11:    Bullet Proof Personality

   Lesson 12:    Don't Stop When You Are Tired, Stop When You Are Finished