From Dodging Bullets To Bulletproofing Your Why
by: Carlos Siqueira

From Dodging Bullets To Bulletproofing Your Why



From Dodging Bullets To Bulletproofing Your Why

Course Description

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Some people live their entire lives consumed by negativity and criticism, without even realizing it! Carlos grew up in the streets of Brazil. During this time, he witnessed famine, poverty, and even death. Carlos starred fear in the face everyday. Despite that fear, despite the negativity, despite the criticism, it made him stronger, and sparked a raging fire inside of him! He was determined to better the lives of his family, friends, and community, but why stop there? This course is aimed to enhance your state of mind, organize your thoughts, prioritize your goals, and help you achieve those goals, soyou can help yourself, other, and eventually YOU WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn
  • Anyone who wants to better themselves
  • Individuals who want to invest in themselves and their future

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Any device to view the course
  • Pen and paper for notes
  • An open mind

What you'll get from this course?

  • Boost Motivation
  • Better State of Mind
  • Achieve Your Goals



   Lesson 1:    Recognize Your Thoughts, Eradicate the Bad, and Fuel the Right Ones

   Lesson 2:    Know What You Want

   Lesson 3:    Know How To Get It / Strategies

   Lesson 4:    Switch on Your Mental Power

   Lesson 5:    Learn the Secrets of Joyful Persistence

   Lesson 6:    How to Unleash Your Truth, and Step Into Your Greatness?

   Lesson 7:    Collaborate

   Lesson 8:    How to Walk Through Your Vision?

   Lesson 9:    At the End, it's about Contribution, Not Acquistion.