Healing Fatherhood
by: Beejel Parmar

Healing Fatherhood



Healing Fatherhood

Course Description

What you are about to watch are 10 touching, insightful and revealing conversations between a son, Beejel Parmar, and his 79 year old father, Avsar Parmar. This course did not start life as a course, on the contrary, it’s less a course in the way it’s structured, however, you’ll find it it to be insightful, touching and truly genuine.

When Beejel found out his father was going to be visiting Las Vegas, he conceived an idea to capture his father’s stories as a keepsake for his children. Over a few weeks the idea evolved and morphed into 10 conversations between a son and his father.

In life, we often leave it too late to say what we want to say to the ones we love. This is very much the case between father and son, a relationship in which the words “I love you”, are seldom said past the teenage years.

We love our children, and yet, all too often, we allow our beliefs, expectations and desires to often sabotage our relationships with the ones we love.

International Keynote Speaker, Joint Venture Strategist, Conscious Connector, Beejel, wanted to heal his relationship with his father, Avsar, a career Banker, and honor him. and asked You Will Change The World to capture the process live and unrehearsed.

As each conversation unfolds you’ll, layers of this often complex relationship are peeled away, revealing deeper insights into the relationship between son and father.

Who is this course perfect for?

This course is for anyone who wants to heal their relationship with their father, and for fathers who want to heal the relationship with their son or daughter.

What's the requirement to take this course?

The only requirement is to realize this course was filmed as 10 conversations, and not a educational course like most of our other courses.

What you'll get from this course?

During the course, you will discover the dynamics that exist between father and sons, and daughters, that often result in strained relations. You’ll hear first hand how non-communication and miscommunication can have life impacting consequences. Most importantly, you will gain insights into healing the relationships through communication, acknowledgement, gratitude, forgiveness.



   Introduction    INTRODUCTION

   Lesson 1:    Memorable Life Experiences

   Lesson 2:    Greatest Achievements

   Lesson 3:    Becoming a Father

   Lesson 4:    Model of Parenting

   Lesson 5:    Aspirations, Grades, Expectations

   Lesson 6:    The Rebellion

   Lesson 7:    Love, Anger & Reflection

   Lesson 8:    Bridging The Gap

   Lesson 9:    Gifts & Wisdom of Fatherhood

   Lesson 10:    Honoring The Hero