21 Steps To Empowerment & Self Healing
by: Brent Michael Phillips

21 Steps To Empowerment & Self Healing



21 Steps To Empowerment & Self Healing

Course Description

In this course you’ll discover truly state-of-the-art spiritual technology that will give you the power to bust out of flat land and transform your life. You’ll learn how to do instant healings, permanent subconscious block clearings, theta wave manifestations, the easiest and most advanced intuitive reading and channeling process, and even find your direct short cut to enlightenment.

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Anyone that's tried the "Law of Attraction" but been disappointed
  • Those who want to learn how to learn better
  • People who want to master the best technologies for intuition and block clearing
  • Individuals who want to learn how to do powerful healings and manifestations
  • Anyone who wants to both improve their lives and help others
  • Seekers curious about higher consciousness, Awakening, or Enlightenment

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Any device to view the course
  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper

What you'll get from this course?

  • State of the art consciousness technology from an MIT trained engineer!
  • The brain waves and how they are important in the healing process
  • How to cultivate a theta brainwave state and use it to connect directly to the creative Source
  • How to muscle test yourself and other people to reveal subconscious beliefs
  • How to draw on unlimited Source energy for readings and healings, instead of depleting your own energy
  • How to do intuitive readings (looking inside the body, reading the future, and much more)
  • How to perform instant healings: locally and remotely, on yourself or on others
  • How to test and change subconscious belief systems in just a few seconds
  • How to find the subconscious core beliefs underlying an illness, injury, or other challenge
  • How to apply these techniques to improve your and others’ physical health, mental attitude, and overall well-being
  • Experience higher consciousness by entraining directly into the quantum field
  • You will learn 21 Steps To Empowerment and become a Rock Star of mind power and energy healing!
  • You'll have access to hours of quality content, online resources, challenges, bonus material, and much more.



   Lesson 1:    Introduction

   Lesson 2:    How To Get The Most Out Of Everything You Ever Do

   Lesson 3:    The Secret Short Cut to Transformation

   Lesson 4:    When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work: Secrets to Healing and Manifesting

   Lesson 5:    The Life Changing Power of Theta

   Lesson 6:    Easy, Instant Access to Phenomenal Power

   Lesson 7:    The Benefits to Healing Yourself and Others... in seconds, for FREE!

   Lesson 8:    Your Subconscious Mind and How It Works

   Lesson 9:    Mastering the Subconscious Mind: The Cycle of Creation

   Lesson 10:    Directing the Conversation Between You and Your Subconscious Mind

   Lesson 11:    Better than Google: The Power of Unlocking Your Intuition

   Lesson 12:    What is a Subconscious Block? And How Do I Clear Them?

   Lesson 13:    What is a Subconscious Renovation? And How Do I Do Them?

   Lesson 14:    Using the Theta State to Manifest Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

   Lesson 15:    Two Weird Tricks to Finding The "Core" Blocks Creating Illness, Injury, Poverty, Etc.

   Lesson 16:    Real-Life Example of Instant Transformation

   Lesson 17:    Clearing the Negative Energy Sabotaging Your Power

   Lesson 18:    Measuring YOUR Spiritual Vibration!

   Lesson 19:    Awakening: The “Foot in the Door” to Enlightenment

   Lesson 20:    Embodiment: How to dissolve pain and see energy and auras with your very own eyes

   Lesson 21:    Summary: When, How, and Why To Use These Tools