True Life Purpose Now
by: Bill Heinrich

True Life Purpose Now



True Life Purpose Now

Course Description

I believe that everyone always has a desire to achieve at a higher level. We realize that by applying ourselves with more discipline and direction we can succeed at a higher level.  For some life is a constant struggle, an uphill climb. Even as we strive to achieve at a higher level we are constantly faced with challenges, big and small.

We get ourselves entangled in all of the activities of day-to-day life and end up living a life of survival.  This is the path most everyone follows, the path of survival. There are resources available to you that most people have no knowledge of and no idea how to activate the incredible power.  We each have our on Divine Gift that we are here to share with the world but we don’t know what they are, how to access them or how to apply our Divine Gifts in our lives. You will learn all of these things and more in True Life Purpose Now.

The challenge is understanding all of the different pieces that make up the game of life. Imagine having a clear operating system that synchronizes all of the pieces of your life into one unified expression, your authentic self expression.  The expression of your Divine Purpose.

In order to have full access to all of the resources available to us, we must first understand where we are today so we can create a new foundation.  Our foundation is going to allow us to support a life of unlimited abundance and your choices create the strength of your foundation.

Life is about challenges, moving from one challenge to the next on our path of transformation. In order to navigate our path in life in life it is mandatory to understand everything that is blocking us, standing in our way and holding us back from our passion and purpose. Ultimately the only thing standing in for way is YOU! True Life Purpose Now is going to give a blueprint for life that will allow you to grow abundantly as fast you desire. It is your choice, each individual choice that determines your results. True Life Purpose Now is going to show you everything that is affecting your life and your new awareness of these details will give you a crystal clear path to the life of your dreams.

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Individuals who are looking to discover their divine purpose
  • Individuals looking to receive priceless knowledge
  • Individuals seeking unlimited abundance
  • Individuals wanting awareness of what might be affecting their life
  • Individuals looking for the tools to reach the life of their dreams

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Paper/Notebook
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Headset or speakers to hear audio
  • An open-mind to receive all information

What you'll get from this course?

You will end this course with:

  • A crystal clear path to the life of your dreams
  • The expression of your Divine Purpose
  • An understanding of all of the different pieces that make up the game of life
  • An awareness of everything that is affecting your life
  • Resources needed to create a new foundation


The Foundation

   Lesson 1:    Our Foundation

   Lesson 2:    The Universal Laws

   Lesson 3:    Understanding Metaphysics

   Lesson 4:    Surviving vs. Thriving

   Lesson 5:    The 7 Saboteurs

The Assessment

   Lesson 6:    The Assessment

   Lesson 7:    Coaching

   Lesson 8:    Stories and Awareness

   Lesson 9:    The Challenge Wheel

   Lesson 10:    The Challenge Wheel II

The Divine Gifts

   Lesson 11:    The Divine Gifts

   Lesson 12:    Descriptions Of The Divine Gifts

   Lesson 13:    How the Divine Gifts Work

   Lesson 14:    The Dysfunctions

   Lesson 15:    Using The Divine Gifts

Our Life Lessons

   Lesson 16:    Life Lessons

   Lesson 17:    How Numerology Works

   Lesson 18:    Grounding Effect

   Lesson 19:    Life Lessons/Numerology

   Lesson 20:    Using Numerology Daily

Heaven on Earth

   Lesson 21:    Heaven on Earth

   Lesson 22:    Building A Foundation

   Lesson 23:    Spiritual Responsibility

   Lesson 24:    A Life of Service

   Lesson 25:    The World is a Mirror

Creating Abundance

   Lesson 26:    Creating Abundance

   Lesson 27:    Thoughts, Words & Actions

   Lesson 28:    The Law of Attraction

   Lesson 29:    The Results Factor

   Lesson 30:    Free Will & Choice