Ignite Your Intuition! What exactly is Intuition?

By Brent Michael Phillips


Intuition is your 6th sense - or more precisely, it’s really a whole bunch of non-physical senses!

All of us humans (and lots of non-humans too!) have all of the intuitive senses, but they are often undeveloped and/or untrained, so much so that most of us do not consider ourselves to be “intuitive” or “psychics” at all.

Semantic note: intuitive and psychic mean pretty much the same thing, but to avoid using loaded word where it’s not strictly necessary, we’ll generally prefer the term “intuitive”.

Your intuitive senses work in parallel with your physical senses, and often seem to be dimensionally layered on “top” of them. For example, when you hear something with your physical ears, the energetic or intuitive message of the words is also “whispered” to you intuitively. Similarly, people who have intuitive vision permanently enabled and layered on top of their physical vision are those who see auras or ancestor spirits around others.

And, yes, there are definitely folks out there who have incredible intuitive gifts and see these things all the time! (I know this because some of them have been my teachers, students, clients, and colleagues.) If you are like that, this material will be of great value to you as well, because it will help you to control your abilities, and help you learn to turn your intuition on/off and up/down. (Do you really want to see a bunch of spirits of dead ancestors around every person at the grocery store, with half of them constantly pestering you to deliver messages for them? I wouldn’t...and it’s no surprise that most of these folks find ways to shut off their intuitive abilities, sometimes with dangerous drugs.)

Most of us are in the opposite camp: our intuitive skills are raw and barely developed, if at all. Be encouraged to know that everyone can develop intuitive skills with time, patience, healings, and proper practice! And don’t be too jealous of those super-intuitive folks; it’s sometimes easier to learn to turn on or turn up you intuitive ability than it is to learn to turn it off or turn it down!

In our model, there is one intuitive sense for each physical sense, plus the intuitive sense of clairsentience, which translates as “psychic knowing”: knowledge that bypasses the translation and distortion of the physical sensory input and rational mind.

Esoterically, intuition is your higher dimensional tool of perception. All spiritual, healing, and mystical practices have at their core a focus on the nurturing and development of intuitive abilities.

Throughout most of human history, the majority of those who have displayed powerful intuitive abilities simply had a natural gift. Unfortunately, most of those talented individuals never really understand exactly what it is they are doing, and are unable to train others to do it as well as they do it.

Please know that developing intuition was a really hard road for me; it took me years to develop even rudimentary intuitive skill! When I first learned intuitive readings, I was a complete disaster; I couldn’t do it at all. I mean, not even a little bit! I’d go to seminars and all my partners were telling me about what my guardian angels looked like and telling me all the messages they were getting from my body, etc. But I saw nothing but black, and heard nothing but silence, no matter how hard I tried.

Fortunately for you, what I lacked in talent I made up for in motivation! So I practiced every day, did an hour or two of private sessions with professionals every week for a few years, and attended as many practice groups and weekend seminars as I could. And you know what? After 9 months of daily practice, over 50 private sessions, dozens of practice groups, and four weekend training seminars, I finally got my first intuitive “hit”... but only because the seminar leader was standing behind me with her hand on my shoulder!

There were about 90 other students in the first seminar I took on doing intuitive readings, and I can guarantee you that I was DEAD LAST in the class terms of my intuitive ability and talent! But I didn’t give up, and I practiced. It took many months to start to develop my intuitive abilities, and years to start getting results. However, today I’m confident that if you got together those same 90 people, I’d be towards the top of the class!

As the saying goes, “C students make the best teachers”. In terms of teaching intuition, because it was SO hard for me and took SO long, I’ve created a lot of little exercises, insights, shortcuts, and tricks and tips to make it easier for you guys. So I don’t want to hear all your excuses about “Oh I can’t do this”, or “I’m just not a talented psychic”, or other nonsense just because you aren’t the world’s premiere intuitive after a few hours of training. As arguably the world’s least naturally talented intuitive person, I guarantee that everyone can learn intuitive skills, and you’ll learn them quickly and more easily than I did. And don’t forget that while for many people the intuitive senses start to turn on right away, for others it takes longer...but either way, what ultimately matters is your ongoing practice and dedication to develop the skill.

Like the game of chess, you can learn the basics of intuitive skills and start practicing in a few hours, but it takes your entire life (and perhaps many lifetimes!) to master, so be patient with yourself – trust me, it is ABSOLUTELY worth doing!

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: In a few days time, we will be starting to do exercises to develop your intuition. At that point, if you do not already know an intuitive process, you will want to have a teacher or book or other training material handy to help you. The intuitive development material in this special event is generic and designed to work with ANY technique, process, or system; it’s great if you know Awakening Dynamics, but it’s not required.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: I strongly recommend against trying to learn intuitive skills entirely from a book. Learning intuition from a book is like trying to learn karate from a book: after a while you’ll be doing something that looks like karate, but it’s not karate, and you’ll likely be ingraining bad habits that a teacher will have to correct later. Especially if you haven’t done intuitive work before, I think everyone needs a teacher to tune your energy and correct your mistakes before they become bad habits. It’s fine to start learning from a book so you can get up and running right away, but do yourself a favor and go take an intuition training class and/or find a teacher ASAP! Personally, I would encourage you to attend an Awakening Dynamics: Level One training class so I can make sure you learn the right way the first time; I’ve spent many years developing this class and will download into you macros to make intuitive readings easy, fast, and clear. You don’t even have to travel, since I offer an online live streaming option! But for the purposes of this series, it really doesn’t matter what intuitive system or process you use or who your teacher is, as long as you get good results. :)

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