Ignite Your Intuition! Am I Intuitive? And why should I care?

By Brent Michael Phillips


After you’ve gotten your DNA activated, the next step is to convince yourself that you really canvuse this material to develop and refine your intuitive abilities, no matter your current skill or experience level.

I know some of you reading this may think “OK Brent, I’m not sure I need that – I’ve been doing my own version of intuitive readings since I was a child so I don’t need someone else to show me how to do this.” I hear you! But it really doesn’t matter if you are a naturally gifted intuitive, or someone who’s still skeptical about intuitive abilities: you can always benefit from leveraging the talents and experiences of others, and this material on developing intuition is no exception.

In terms of developing intuition, I find that my students and clients tend to fall in one of three categories:

  1. Intuitive beginners (this was me when I was first learning this stuff!)

  2. Some natural intuitive ability or experience, but no serious formal training or application

  3. Veteran intuitives with years of experience and/or training

If you’re an intuitive beginner, awesome, this material is for you! You have the advantage that you probably don’t need to spend too much time working to let go of what you think you know about your intuitive skills.

By contrast, if you’ve had some intuitive experiences or natural talent, but never really learned what you were doing or how to control it, awesome, this material is for you! Some of the most powerful healers I’ve worked with are students of mine who had natural talent for intuitive practices, but never had the proper coaching or training to develop it effectively.

Or, if you’re a veteran trained intuitive with years of experience, awesome, this material is for you! Learning the tips, tricks, and insights presented here will improve your ability and take you to the next level.

Truly, we are all intuitive! But like any talent, some of us have easier access to it than others.

Note that just because you don’t have the natural talent to be a world class novelist doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from learning to read and write. Similarly, just because you don’t have the talent to be a world class race car driver doesn’t mean you won’t get benefits from learning to drive! And I think that, in the coming years, intuitive skills will become increasingly important and will be considered mandatory life skills like literacy and driving are today.

You may have heard me talk about how what’s really happening with the “Great Shift” is that we are adding a dimension to our reality. As a result, your old four dimensional toolkit isn’t working as well as it used to. In practical terms, what this means is that the belief systems, behaviors, attitudes, and ways of doing things that worked in the past are no longer working today. Many of us are being presented with seemingly insurmountable health problems, desperate financial situations, and other serious life problems that we just can’t fix with the old ways. Never forget that you really are loved, and you really are supported, and your intuition is the key to learning to solve these problems in a new “higher dimensional” way.

In short, most of us need to be forced to let go of our old solutions before we are willing to open our minds to new solutions. For many of us, the problems in our lives are so big, and so immediate, and so difficult, that they may seem impossible to solve...but that’s only because you’re viewing your problems through a limiting 4-dimension lens! Once you learn to work with the higher dimensions using the Awakening Dynamics Tools of Higher Dimensional Living such as intuitive readings, instant healings, subconscious reprogramming, and manifestations, solutions will appear miraculously and seemingly “out of nowhere”...which is exactly why your higher self created these problems in the first place: so you could discover the higher dimensions!

I like to use the “flatland” example to make it clear how important and powerful these higher dimensional tools are. Imagine that you are living in flatland, a two dimensional reality, instead of your usual three dimensional reality. Let's imagine that in two dimensions you are a circle, and you are moving around in a two dimensional world full of points, lines, circles, squares, and other shapes. These two dimensional "beings" seem “solid” and can’t move through each other.

alt text

In two dimensions (flatland), this line looks like an impossible barrier separating the two circles; however, by using the third dimension, you could just “hop” over the line!

Imagine you are moving through flatland, and you come up to a line, as in the diagram above. You can’t move through the line, so if you wish to get past it, you need to go around the line. If the line is long, this might be a very difficult journey! But instead, if you could cheat and move into 3 dimensions, you could "jump" over the line, and be nearly instant on the other side. From the perspective of a 3 dimensional being, it is obvious that you can use the 3rd dimension to take a short cut. But if your perception is limited to two dimensions, you would conclude that it is impossible to get past the line without going around it.

The ego-mind acts is stuck in flatland, whereas the act of surrendering to a higher power and letting intuition and the Divine Will guide us allows access to a higher dimensional perspective. This lets us "cheat" and do things that would otherwise seem impossible! But if we give too much attention and weight to the ego-mind, we may get convinced that such things are impossible and could never happen, and thus distract us away from the present moment, preventing us from seeing amazing transformations!

Trusting the higher dimensional mind (aka intuition!) is not easy, because the ego sees itself as so critical to survival that it will kick and fight and scream if it's conclusions are not treated as truth and acted upon. It can be extremely convincing, as the ego’s belief systems and conclusions about what will happen in the future are justified in the sense that they were based on past experiences. (More precisely, they are justified by a specific perception of past experiences, filtered through the ego's belief systems.)

Quite simply, working with your intuition is the first and most important step to learn to live in the higher dimensions. By learning to gather information from a higher dimensional space (via intuition) and learning to act on that information via higher dimensional tools (such as healing and manifesting) you can literally learn to do things that others consider impossible or magical; sometimes we call them miracles!

And if you want some scientific validation for the higher dimensions, go check out the latest advances in theoretical physics such as String Theory, which proposes that our Universe actually exists in an 11-dimensional space.

EXERCISE: Visualization

For some reason, a lot of us don’t think we can visualize. This simple, easy exercise will prove that everyone can visualize!

The exercise is simple: sit down, close your eyes, and be silent for a minute or so. Then, imagine being inside your car, as if you were driving it. See the dashboard in front of you, and the steering wheel, and look to your right and see the passenger seat.

Congratulations! You just visualized; yes, it’s really that easy! :)

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