Ignite Your Intuition! Intuition and the 12 Layers of the DNA

By Brent Michael Phillips


Your intuition is arguably the single most important and most powerful tool you can use to achieve health, success, love, happiness, and anything else you can imagine, for both yourself and others. Personally, I think that learning to nourish and grow your intuitive, healing, and manifesting abilities is far more important to your present and future life than your scholarly education, your level of wealth, your age, your relationship status, or any other 4-dimensional advantage or resource, including who you know.

Remember that your consciousness, including your subconscious belief systems and your intuitive abilities, are thing that are within you and part of you, so they are there for you no matter where you are or what you are doing. If there is a huge economic collapse, or a natural disaster, you’ll be able to harness your intuitive skills to help provide for yourself and those close to you, no matter what is happening around you. And if there’s not a great collapse or natural disaster, that’s OK too: instead you’ll have to dedicate increasingly larger and larger chunks of your time to planning exotic vacations, buying cool gifts for loved ones, running and playing outside in childlike glee, and figuring out where you’re going to put all that money you’re making!

The DNA Activation process (available in the Awakening Dynamics: Level One workshop, private sessions, and in many of my VIP Club Health Club group healing calls) is the “firststep” to developing your intuitive abilities. So if you haven’t had your DNA activated yet, that’s a crucial and essential first step!

Here are three different options for getting your DNA activated ASAP:

  1. Take the Awakening Dynamics:Level One workshop, and you’ll learn how to do the DNA Activation process via the “HEAL” macro, and you can use it on yourself and others

  2. Attend or listen to the recording of the DNA Activation portion of a VIP Club Health Club

  3. Schedule a private session with me or another trained professional

So what does DNA activation have to do with intuitive ability?

The short answer is EVERYTHING!

In terms of your energetic and physical body, the intuitive senses are coded into the 11 layers of energetic DNA, in the same way that instructions for building proteins are coded into the first (physical) layer of human DNA.

Haven’t you always wondered how it is that humans survived in the wild in primitive environments? I know I have! After all, we humans can’t run very fast; we aren’t very strong; we don’t have sharp teeth, or nasty claws; we aren’t covered in fur; and we are sensitive to temperature extremes. How did humans possibly survive in the natural world, competing against other animals that are almost universally faster, stronger, tougher, and better adapted to their environments?

Many of us are so spoiled by modern conveniences that we’ve completely forgotten how dangerous the natural world is. Did you know that, up until modern times, getting even a superficial wound was often a death sentence? Without some means to deal with infection (such as antibiotics, energy healing, or specialized knowledge of herbs and plants), even a small scratch can kill you. So how in the heck did soft, fragile, weak humans survive?

The answer is simple: intuition. Before we started speaking, we communicated telepathically, both with each other and with the animals, plants, and whole natural world. And so if you were a primitive human and you were sick, you just had to walk out into nature, and the plants would literally tell you what you needed to heal yourself!

I guarantee that every single person reading this is descended from those primitive humans with incredible intuitive abilities: this power really is within you, and you just need to unlock it!

Over time, humans developed language, and culture, and lost touch with these natural intuitive abilities such as body scans, future readings, remote viewing, speaking with ancestors, instant healing, etc. As a result, humans became creatures locked into the four dimensional world of cause and effect, without connection to the higher dimensional energetic realm.

What’s happening right now during the “Great Shift” is that we have been given back the ability to activate those 11 layers of the DNA so we can reclaim our heritage as beings of powerful intuitive abilities. For many of us these abilities have been dormant for hundreds – perhaps thousands – of generations, so don’t be too surprised if there’s a lot of rust to shake off as you rediscover your intuitive power!

Be aware that DNA activation takes approximately three years to distribute the newly activated DNA throughout your being. This is because when we do DNA activation, we don’t change instantly all the DNA throughout the entire body; instead, we simply change the DNA only in the “master cell”. Then, your body will gently and naturally distribute the activated DNA throughout your body, in the same way that a master server computer distributes new copies of files to its client machines. This delay is actually quite a benevolent thing: if this activation happened through your whole body all at once, it would likely either kill you or drive you completely insane, so be grateful that Nature has given us a mechanism to let it happen naturally and gently. :)

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