Finding the Right System/Teacher/Modality

By Brent Michael Phillips


Our next step is to find a teacher, system, or process to help you develop your intuitive gifts!

The first step is to recognize the system or technique that you are using...and if you are a natural intuitive, and haven’t had much training (if any), then you are still using a system, but it is a system of your own devising. This is important to recognize!

Personally, I think the most effective way to develop or improve intuition (or any skill for that matter!) is to start using a good system. Why? Well, you can either learn from your own mistakes, or learn from someone else’s mistakes; it’s your choice! And where possible, I like to learn from other peoples’ mistakes.

To understand this better, imagine that you want to get really good at hitting a baseball. In fact, we’ll assume that you’ve got a rare talent for hitting a baseball. On talent alone, you might get recruited by a college or minor league team! But coaches and trainers will then show you the “right way” to hit. And it’s nothing personal; despite how much talent you may have, you can always learn a lot from those that have come before and get much better in the process! And no matter how much talent you might have, you probably won’t be playing in the big leagues until you’ve learned and applied the proper theory and practice of hitting, which includes knowledge gleaned from decades of learning from other peoples’ mistakes.

Now, you may be reading this and thinking, “I don’t need a system – I’ve been intuitive my whole life. Telling me I have to learn from other people; what a bunch of crap!”Now of course there is a valid point in that argument; you never need anyone else’s advice or experience to be intuitive, and you don’t need a technique or process to get great results. But unless you are really good - including getting consistently great results for yourself and your clients, never being drained or taking on client’s “stuff”, etc. - I’d recommend being open minded and consider learning from someone else’s system, at least at first.

Obviously I am biased in recommending that you learn the Awakening Dynamics system I developed! It’s certainly not the only system, but it has several advantages, which include:

  1. It’s fast and easy to learn; a weekend seminar is all you need to learn how to perform instant healings, intuitive reading, block clearings, downloads, manifestations, and much more.

  2. It includes downloads of “macros” to help you achieve a waking theta brainwave in a few seconds, which is critically important for good intuitive work.

  3. It includes downloads of “macros” for grounding and connecting to higher dimensional energy, which is the Creator’s energy outside of your personal paradigm.

  4. It includes downloads of “macros” for connecting to, entraining, and disconnecting from others.

  5. It has specific techniques for ensuring you don’t take on others’ “stuff” after working with them.

  6. It includes many of the tips, tricks, and secrets I learned over many years that allow just about anyone to have success with intuitive readings.

No matter what system you use, I think it’s important to make sure you have these six bases covered.

First, if your system is too complicated, or takes too long to learn, then it’s not useful to you.

Second, whatever technique you use needs to get you to access a waking theta brainwave, because every study every done on intuitive reading, healing, etc. abilities has correlated it with the theta brainwave. At the very least, practice using the Deep Theta meditation (which is a free download in the VIP Club), as frequent use of the program will empower your intuition and train your brain to access a conscious theta wave more easily.

Third, whatever technique you use, you need to learn to discern the different energies that are out there, and connect yourself to the most appropriate and most powerful energies for healing and intuitive work. The “gold standard” is what we call Creator or Source energy, which is the energy of All That Is, transcending the realms of polarity. Unfortunately, the vast majority of religious and energy healing train you to directly access energies of polarity – including angels, demi-gods, gurus, etc. - which can yield some great results, but also comes with side effects (such as being drained or taking on your clients’ energy or “stuff”.) And if you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about, you definitely need some training!

Fourth, you need to be able to clearly control when you are and when you are not connected to others. This doesn’t mean you totally shut off intuition or emotional connection; it just means that you are not present in their space and sharing their experience, as you need to be to do healing work on someone. And if you don’t know how to do this, please learn this ASAP, or you may experience lots of weird side effects and/or drain yourself over time.

Fifth, you need to know both how to transcend your personal space and belief systems, and how to ground back into your body after doing healing/intuitive work. This is the kind of thing some natural intuitive never learn, and if you don’t do this, you’ll commonly gain weight as your body tries to ground itself. It is not a coincidence that our archetypal image of a psychic is an overweight middle aged woman wearing robes and lots of crystals; if you aren’t careful and/or don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it is very easy to gain a lot of weight as your intuitive skills develop! Again: you can learn from your mistakes, or you can learn from the mistakes of others; please choose wisely.

Lastly, it’s important that you known how to separate your “stuff” from others’, and that you don’t use your own energy to heal, or to take one your client’s energies, illnesses, injuries, or belief systems. For better or worse, it’s relatively easy for most of us to give our energy to another to heal them, or to energetically “take on” someone else’s injury or illness in order to help them. Unfortunately, it usually takes some training and to learn how to do readings and healings “the right way” to effectively get rid of the injury/illness/energy taken on, so untrained healers often end up depleting themselves when healing others.

Our animal companions are also natural healers who work this way, and many pets get sick simply because they are helping their human guardian work through an issue as best they can. The most extreme example of this was a student I had years ago who told me how she was once hit by a car and thrown thirty feet through the air, and miraculously walked away from the accident with scrapes and bruises...but when she got home, her dog was paralyzed!

It may help to think that developing intuitive skills is sort of like learning to drive on public roads. There are things you need to watch out for that may not be directly connected to what you are doing; in our example, you may have plenty of driving skill to drive to the store on an empty rode in good lighting, but you also need to worry about pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, stop signs and traffic signals, people pulling out of parking spaces, delivery vehicles parked in the middle of the road, animals and children unexpectedly running across the road, and a million other things that might happen and could result in disastrous consequences if you aren’t trained properly. Yet all of these things are considered acceptable driving risks, because if we understand the danger we can take simple actions to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. And intuitive work is similar!


If you don’t have an intuitive system or teacher yet, go ahead and get one now, since we’re soon going to start doing some intuitive development exercises!

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