Benefits of Writing a Book: Creating Your #1 Marketing Tool

By Ann McIndoo


Why write a book? As a Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, or any professional that markets their products and services, having a published book gives you a tremendous advantage over your competition. Not only does it give you a product to sell or use as a marketing, promotional or positioning tool, it makes you the expert, your book proves your expertise and provides you with credibility. Writing a book shows your passion and commitment to your business: you took an extraordinary journey and wrote a book.

Your published book will attract clients and open many doors for you to speak, as well as help you widen your audience and grow your business. A book creates new possibilities for building your business and generating income in a variety of ways.

Imagine speaking to a prospect about your services and then presenting them with a signed copy of your book! Your book is a very powerful tool that will associate you and your services to them. Whether or not they read your book, they will see it and think of you, your services and level of professionalism and commitment. A book provides you with a very powerful and influential competitive edge.

Here are some additional benefits of writing a book:

  • Gain Credibility and Name Recognition
  • Increased Perceived Value of Your Material or Resources
  • Creating Ancillary Products
  • Building a Platform
  • Invitations to Speak
  • Higher Speaking Fees
  • Higher Consulting Fees

Let’s talk about creating a platform for your business. What does this mean? A platform is your foundation for creating ancillary products based on your content. What income-producing ancillary products can you create based on the content from your book? Lots of them!

Here are just a few:

  • Ebooks
  • Workbooks
  • Coaching Programs (Live or Recorded)
  • Online Courses
  • Audio Books
  • Journals
  • Workshops / Seminars / Events
  • Videos
  • Tele-seminars
  • Podcasts

All of these products can be created based on the content of your book. You simply repurpose them and you now have products you can sell at the back of the room or online via your website and blog.

You can create an ebook, quickly and simply, that can be listed on Amazon and Kindle. All of these products are based on the content of your book.

Having a book can create a whole new dimension to your business online. A published book can attract attention online via your website, blog, links to other websites, press releases, internet radio interviews and pod casts. If you are interested in passive avenues of income, marketing your book and ancillary products online can produce amazing results.

These are just a few reasons why writing a book can be a great experience, produce a phenomenal business tool and create extraordinary results for you.

To your writing success!</p>\n\n<p> Ann McIndoo Your Author’s Coach

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