Attention real estate agents! As a real estate agent you are in sales!

By Melinda L. Goodwin


Attention real estate agents!  As a real estate agent you are in sales!

It’s interesting that when I asked real estate agents if they are in sales their first response is “I am not good at sales.”

In my opinion, the #1 mistake that new agents make. They believe that they are in a service industry not a sales industry.

Attention real estate agents!  As a real estate agent you are in sales! Your product is your listing, and if you do not have a listing your product the service you provide. Always, your product is YOU!!

Real estate agent it is time to wake up and start studying sales and marketing!

The definition of Sales: The exchange of a commodity for money.

That is exactly what we do. We exchange our services or sale our product for money.  This is your clue that you should be reading books on salesmanship, influencing people, NLP and being a leader.

I think that this is the #1 reason the failure rate of real estate agents is sitting at 87%. Individuals that are getting into the world of real estate automatically think that real estate sales are an “easy” money making deal. They quickly realize it is just not that easy.

It is a common saying in the world of real estate “After every closing we are now unemployed.” How are you going to make money or survive in this world without complete knowledge of sales?

Believe it or not, we are also in marketing.

Sales are your ultimate objective in your marketing.

The definition of marketing: The action or business of promoting and selling products or services. This includes marketing research as well as advertising.

It is my personal opinion that the #1 reason new agents marketing fail them is they do what I have tagged as “LOOK AT ME” marketing.

Real estate agents are more worried about marketing their services, and values then they are about marketing their results. The consumer does not care about YOU, they care about your results.

Have you ever wondered why Just Listed/Just Sold Cards are considered “GOLD” in the business of real estate? It’s not because we have a great picture of ourselves with the most amazing font lettering that just attracts that next buyer of seller to our lovely faces. It is because you just marketed your services in a believable form. They see that the home on the card is the neighbors; they see that it sold or listed at a great price and they correlate that sale with you the agent.  I dare to say that just sold cards get better return on your money compared to just listed cards.

The card is not about “Look at me” marketing.

So, how does the new agent or failing seasoned agents market their brand without a ton of sales?

  • Market your brokerage listings with the tag line “Our brokerage just listed/just sold this great house.”

  • Write for a local magazine or newspaper giving advice on the local market.

  • Be a guest speaker on the local radio show talking about new subdivisions or events in your area.

  • Partner with a lender and market your services with the lenders products. Notice I did not say lenders services. I said lenders products. For Example: Reverse Mortgage, First time home buyer, Jumbo Loans, Construction loans.

  • Gloat about the sales you did have. For instance. I recently sold a home and was not able to get the video of the home live before it closed. You bet I marketed that video anyway! I used the title “Sold the home before we could finish the video” Use those sales to your advantage!

Even though sales and marketing are not the same thing or have the same definition please be advised, that you cannot succeed in sales without marketing.

You can hire out marketing, but if your marketing is not driving customers to you or your product you are not going to make that sale!

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