You Are What You Believe Subconsciously!

By Joe Frazzette


Whether you know it consciously or not, we are the sum of what we believe subconsciously. A simple test to evaluate this is to observe your habitual behavior. All behavior starts with a thought and these would be your habitual thoughts. Both are seeded deep in your subconscious mind. When you make an observation and acknowledge it, you generally can’t make a permanent change to the behavior unless you change it at the subconscious level. It is through the consistent practice of the steps of the Hypnotic Formula and sessions of self-hypnosis tagged with hypnotic suggestion, in which a change will eventually occur. The process is one in which you will access the subconscious mind and replace the old belief with a new thought and belief. The new thought and belief becomes a conviction when an emotion is attached to the original belief and the subconscious mind becomes convinced of the new belief.

It is at that time, your new belief becomes your reality and the new behavior associated with that belief becomes your action habit. You see the process is relatively simple. The biggest challenge for most, in using the Hypnotic Formula, is finding the best method for accessing the subconscious mind. You can use a Hypnotist and schedule regular sessions to work on changing your old belief and conviction, or you can use self-hypnosis. If you decide to use self hypnosis, it’s just a matter of knowing how to bring yourself into the hyper-relaxed state of increased suggestibility. You can do this by either recording your own patter or creating the picture in your mind of the result you are targeting.

In either case, you will want to bring your conscious level down and allow your subconscious to rise. One of the twelve rules of the mind indicates this, “when the conscious mind is up, the subconscious mind is down.” The reason you want to bring yourself to the hyper-relaxed state is clearly to allow, your recorded patter or your mental image, a gateway to the subconscious mind. In the subconscious mind, the image then becomes your new belief and the more you meditate on the recorded patter or take yourself into a hyper-relaxed state with that image in mind, the quicker you will develop a new belief.

The subconscious mind is a conviction phenomenon, which means whatever you believe at the subconscious level becomes your reality. That is a fact whether the belief is true or not! The key is at the subconscious level that belief becomes your conviction. In other words, all that matters is that the subconscious mind be convinced of a belief and it feeds back into your conscious life. It will in fact, work to create the conviction in your conscious life, because it is in fact, a blueprint in the subconscious mind. This process of creating your life then starts with your own imagination. Ask yourself the question, what do I want to be?

This is the first step of the Hypnotic Formula, thought. When you answer that question and attach your strong belief that it is within your capability to be whatever it is you decide, you have begun to move into step two of the Hypnotic Formula. At this point, it is crucial to practice the method of self-hypnosis, or another form of meditation that will move you into that state of hyper-relaxation. It is in this state that you will eventually access the subconscious mind and pass the image of what you want to be, in either a recorded patter or in the form of a mental image. The repetitive process of self-hypnosis will eventually change your belief and conviction at the subconscious level. This is what you want, because it is at this point, you will notice your thought habits and action habits become automatic.

Now let me explain the reason for wanting to use the Hypnotic Formula and self-hypnosis for creating behavioral changes. Your mind is divided into two parts, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Between the two minds is a barrier which is called the critical faculty. The critical faculty is the part of your conscious mind that allows you to be critical of certain thoughts that may enter your conscious mind. It is the area in which we can talk ourselves out of anything. In other words, if you want to aspire to be an artist, your critical faculty may talk you right out of it with statements like “I can’t draw”, “Who do I think I am, and artist, that’s for someone else not me”… and so on. So you can see the path to the subconscious is guarded, but if you know how to gain access, you have the power to change anything you want.

This is where the Hypnotic Formula comes into practice. First you must decide what you want. You must believe it is probable, not possible, but probable that you can achieve it. Then you adapt the best method for yourself, to take you into the hypnotic state necessary to relax the critical faculty. It is when you are in the hyper-relaxed state that the critical faculty diminishes and you have access to your subconscious mind. The world, as the saying goes, is in the palm of your hand at that moment. Well, your world is for sure. Because when you have access to the subconscious mind, you have the ability to plug into your servo-mechanism anything you desire.

Here’s where you should let your imagination run wild. Create a life of abundance, joy, and happiness. Go for what brings you the most pleasure. You have access to the part of you that will take from your imagination, and become convinced that what you input is true. The reason for this is the imagination is stronger than logic or reason when it comes to the subconscious mind. All you need to do is believe and in the process of using self-hypnosis, your subconscious mind becomes convinced. And there you have step two and three of the Hypnotic Formula, which are belief and conviction.

The final piece of the puzzle is having a plan to execute. Step four of the Hypnotic formula is action. And once you have the subconscious mind convinced that your belief is in fact true, all you need to do is start to work your action plan and miraculously the results will begin to fall into place. Do not be discouraged if your results don’t come fast enough, just work your plan consistently and tweak it when necessary.

Stay diligent with your effort and work. You will aspire to the result you envisioned for yourself!

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