The Gig Solution Defined

By Spunk Burke


The GIG Solution is not only a timely guide to the late career challenge of finding suitable employment, but also a fitting culmination of Burke’s staffing career marked by innovation. Decades of advocating benefits of contracting (working temporary assignments) in a variety of disciplines such as engineering, IT, clerical, light industrial, etc. has led the author to the realization that business professionals were heretofore the last category to be considered as “contingent” labor.

The general market has long recognized the advantage of “renting” talent as opposed to automatically hiring staff as workloads built, but businesses are just now beginning to appreciate the flexibility and nimbleness of using business professionals as contractors to achieve goals and respond to challenges.

In any economy work can be found in abundance as long as you know how to find problems that you’re experienced in delivering solutions. The GIG Solution explains what steps and measures are needed to either attract clients to you, or the methods of leading you to targeted prospects. The good news is that project search tactics are familiar to most job hunters. To that point, we’ve included the wisdom of placement experts whose practices and success in job hunting translates surprisingly well to GIG searching.

The guide explains the critical importance of identifying your particular skill, and the solution it can deliver. Leveraging that information by creating a brand that carries the message to decision makers in pain can create immediate demand for your services. It’s a self-sufficient methodology that relies heavily on packaging, promotion, planning, presenting, and pricing – sounds a lot like old-school marketing, doesn’t it? But, it’s anything but old-school.

Today’s GIG finding initiative calls for various stages of mastery in online research, social media, web development, blogging, selling skills, and project planning among other techniques. Candidates need not continue to gamble on the course of their career. This guide to identifying and landing gigs, plus the willingness to follow a methodology, can restore control of careers and enable the boomer to build a thriving practice of worthwhile gig work. The search for fulfilling work, security, and reward is over; gig work is yours for the asking, and the benefits are anything but temporary.

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