Marketing Synergy - Tie It Up with a Perfectly Crafted Bow

By Tamra Richardt


Marketing is the elephant in the room, that everyone knows is there, but can’t find. It’s the elusive Goliath that stalks its prey mercilessly, and there seems to be no magic stone to take it down. How can we minimize the monster, and find the real marketing magic we need to set us apart and increase our speaking opportunities and product sales?

Here’s the best place to begin. Decide on your message - pinpoint the core pitch, and don’t change it. From there, decide on your best headshot and marketing picture, and don’t change it. Decide on your logo, and colors, and be consistent. Create one website, with those locked in colors, logo, picture, and message. Are you getting it now? Consistency is the key to effective marketing.

If McDonald’s had been indecisive about it’s yellow arches, and toyed with orange circles, or blue squares, and annually made changes to their colors, logos and message - do you really think they’d be the billion dollar burger joint they are today? And yet, I see speakers and authors, who make changes to their message, their websites, pictures, colors and logos - all the time. They can’t seem to settle on anything. Then they wonder why their businesses are not growing, and why they’re not making inroads with their marketing.

It’s not how much money you spend on your marketing; it’s how consistent you are with your marketing.

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