Speaker Training, the Success Secret You DON’T Know, but SHOULD KNOW

By Tamra Richardt


What’s the one thing that makes a speaker truly unforgettable?

The “secret-sauce” that you wish you knew- to take your speaking and your product sales to the next level? I think you’d be surprised to know the real deal, the honest to goodness, ONE thing you need to know that will make you truly memorable.

I’ve watched hundreds of speakers take the stage and before they’ve begun speaking, I’m already pulling out my phone. I know before they speak a word that I’m not going to be interested, and the people next to me, are already playing with their electronic devices.

I’m going to give you the one word you should never forget. Are you ready? Energy.

What do I mean by that? Should a speaker RUN on the stage, and speak enthusiastically? Should they shout out their opener, and force audience attention? That’s not the kind of energy I’m talking about. I’m talking about the charismatic energy that compels interest. How do you get that, where can you buy it, what’s the trick? Charismatic energy comes from only one place. It comes from confidence. Confidence in your message, confidence in that message, and its ability to genuinely help people and change lives. Confidence that you are the voice for that message, and your compelling message will cut through the sea of other voices and demand attention. Energy.

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