Mind Mapping - Your Day Has Come... The Brain = Mobility

By Charles Byrd


Folks! A very limited number of you may be familiar with www.thebrain.com. If you are the mind mapping type, your day has come. The Brain is a top tier mind mapping tool that allows you to go deep while maintaining topic clarity. It is robust and powerful. It allows you to connect so much on a topic, or your entire life.

I've been a "Brain" user since 2005. It was so great I thought it should be provided as a tool for kids in school and corporations across our great land. Not many other people are on this bandwagon however.

That said, the company did not evolve the technology fast enough. When iOS was coming up, they sat on their hands. When Evernote started becoming the tool of choice due to its tagging capabilities and mobile awesomeness, The Brain hardly evolved.

BUT my readers - today they have dropped their iOS version of "The Brain". The interface is beautiful, clean and functional. It will instantly become a powerful tool in a mind mapper's arsenal of magic technology.

Its subscription based - but there is a free version as well. I'm not sure if the free version will work with iOS. Happy mind mapping.

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