Market Branding- Dial Down the Excess, Dial Up the Message

By Tamra Richardt


Do you know your message pitch? Can you say it in just a few sentences? Knowing the heart of your message, and the way to effectively verbalize it is one of the toughest parts of marketing. So many speakers and authors aren’t sure about the real core of what they want to say to the world. They have a lot of ideas, and a lot of messages- each one, important and valuable. But, without a concise way to hone in on your core heart, and message, it’s difficult for the rest of the world to decide what you’re all about.

Brand confusion is far more common that brand clarity.

Imagine yourself standing before an audience with only two minutes to share your core message. What would you say? If you can take your point to this narrow a focus, you can then message yourself more effectively. Whatever you want to convey, has to be verbalized in no more than two to three sentences. From there, you can fine-tune that pitch even further, with compelling words, and engaging copy. If this is not your strong suit, then work with someone who is a word wizard, and excellent at creating copy, to get your message polished and refined. This is way to engage your target market effectively and change the course and future of your speaking business, and product sales.

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