For Those That Like Getting What They Want!

By Charles Byrd


For those that like getting more of what you want, you should buy the book "Getting More" by Stewart Diamond. The book provides a framework to authentically see other peoples points of view so you can relate to them better. By doing so, you end up getting more of what you are seeking as well.

I used these techniques today like a ninja to break past some head-butting issues I'd run up against with my manager. The truth is I was not just trying to use the tools the book provides but genuinely felt good about the interaction even though it had been staged for confrontation. I didn't take the bate, and in the end without me even bringing up the elephant in the room, my manager did and conceded to my previously shared opinion.

Its the old killing them with kindness trick. It worked exceedingly well... yet again. A key reminder from the book I have pop up on the regular is "Focus on your goals, not on being right".

Swallowing your ego to get more of what you want is hard, but damn, its effective.

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