Business Gigs Go Mainstream

By Spunk Burke


The Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA), a global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, reported recently of the emergence of a Gig Economy.

Broad recognition of the expansion of gig work from this august community of staffing experts goes beyond the conventional perception of gigs which has been confined to the arts, music and web design. Even Craigslist now has a Gig Section beneath their JOBS heading, but it too is currently restricted to such disciplines as computer, creative, writing, talent (adult film models), and labor as categories.        Gig work, according to SIA has expanded to include all manner of workers, including the business professional for the first time.

Businesses have been able to access contingent labor for decades from agencies specializing in such disciplines as clerical, light industrial, accounting, security, engineering, IT, etc., and more recently legal, medical, and scientists. Only now can decision makers realize the advantages of achieving urgent functional objectives by contracting the work to business professionals from all walks of expertise.

The GIG Solution focuses on the advent of project work for business professionals over the age of 50 who are either unemployed, under-employed, employed but dissatisfied, or the reluctant retiree. It is not limited to established applications frequently listed on online gig boards like, Freelancer, and the like. It’s not about Uber or Lyft independent contractor opportunities, it is not about strategic consulting, or interim positions because of a vacancy, or shared-expertise for fractional utility, or temp work (open ended, plug a hole, relatively low wage) to augment internal staff.

It IS about finding and landing projects to implement the execution of specific business objectives for a specified duration, with a desired outcome, for an established fee. Business professionals can learn to target prospects who have issues – regardless of the function – that are best resolved as gigs by outsourcing the work to appropriately skilled/experienced project contractors.

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