Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

By Peter Anthony Wynn


We recently got to connect with 120 of the really top top influencers from around the world, so, first of all, thank you Peter Halm, big shout out to you Andy Shaw, too. You guys rocked it, absolutely rocked it. So here's the thing, I go out and make sure I am prepared. I make sure that my stories are tight. I make sure that they wind into exactly what I want to present. This way the people very clearly know who I am and what I want to share.

You know, the reaction to stories are so powerful. Because now the guys who I really look up to really understand the passion that's inside my mission, and the reason we are doing You Will Change The World. Including who I am and how that the mission and this platform is really influencing what I'm doing AND how that's benefiting all the people around me. If you don't start to tell your story you're never going to move through to the next level of your journey. You need to let people know what's fueling the journey and what that passion is that's inside you. What's helping you move to the next level, what's making you more excited, what's taking you to a place where no one else is willing to go.

That's why you're a leader, that's why you're doing this, but you're never going to get to where you want to go if you're not helping yourself at participating in your own rescue. You have to go out there and knock at the doors of opportunity. You must put your hand out, and shake people's hands. You have to let them know who you are, why you're doing it and what you need. See, if they don't know how to help you, I guarantee they're not going to help you. If you're sitting there smiling and hiding what you need and the help that you need, how are you ever going to more forward?

You see you have to put it out to the universe so the universe can answer you. You know what we need is really inspired instructors to jump on the platform. We're looking for pioneers, and we're finding them every single day. These early adopters who want to go out and participate in something that's extraordinary. The type of thing that's never been done before. We're finding those people who have courage, we're finding those people who are daring, who are willing to make a difference, we're finding those people whose messages are so big that they want to be on a platform that's extraordinary.

If I don't share my story, if I don't tell them why I'm doing it, if I don't really make sure that I weave through the package and they know that You Will Change The World is a response to all those things that happened to me, from the time I was a little kid, to the World Trade Center, til today... If they don't know why I'm doing it, they're not as inspired, and if they're not as inspired; they're less likely to offer their help. Short term and long term. So here's my challenge for you, start to work on your story. It doesn't take long. Find somebody, have them help you. You articulate it but get that story out. Two or three minutes of your story that you share with the world is going to change your life. It's going to allow people to know what your destiny really is and what's just talking and yapping.

Tell your story. It doesn't matter if the first time you tell your story it's not that good. It's not that the stories not that good, it's just you haven't learned the best way to tell it because you haven't practiced how to articulate that story to the rest of the world. That's what we help you do. We help you practice, we help you articulate it, we help you craft it so that it really has some great synergy and flow and it moves through the story to the point, but you must start it. You have to participate in the start of your own rescue. Take control of your life and destiny.

No one, I mean no one is ever going to do it for you. I'm excited. We've had a great week networking with the top minds in the world. Jason Myers, thank you so much, Jack Canfield, you called me a genius, brother, you signed my book and you said I'm a genius. Thank you, I'm blown away, I started to cry when I heard you said that. You're at the top of your game, but you know what he reacted to guys? Jack reacted to my story!

You know I could've told him all about what I do but instead I shared with him who I am and how that's impacting what I'm doing. Boom, that's the genius. Are you ready to go out there and impact people, are you ready to go out there and change your life because you're going first, you're daring to help yourself which will inspire others to help you as well. BUT! No one's going to help you if you're not willing to help you. No one's going to go out and make the sales calls for you. No one's going to pick up the damn phone for you, because you have to do it.

Everyday you don't is a day that you wasted so when you're frustrated and sad at the end of the month because you didn't make it or it didn't happen for you, you have no excuses. Don't tell me you deserve that shit because you didn't do it. Do it right now. Get in front of a video camera and tell your damn story, two, three, four times. Write out the five bullet points.

Here's the five MAJOR bullet points: How it started; How it happened; Here's where I was scared as shit; Here's where I chose to do something anyway; and what the results of that belief was. I didn't chose NOT to believe. I chose to believe myself. I chose to believe in my dream instead of listening to the doubters and naysayers. Boom, present the result.

Five things. How it started. What happened. Where I was scared. Where I chose to believe anyway, and the result of that belief. Use those five points today, and I gave them to you as a fucking gift. Go for it man, I love you guys, I'm fired up, I love it, I'm really blessed and really grateful, thank you. Five things. Now, go tell your story. Make it happen today.

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