An Arranged Marriage - Corporate Social Responsibility and Along Comes Hope®

By Jenny Mulks


Is your company looking for a way to simultaneously increase employee engagement and customer loyalty? In a study of 47,000, 42% of how people feel about a company was based on their perceptions of the firm's corporate social responsibility (CSR). Studies show that the more employees feel like a team and work together for a cause, the more productive and engaged they remain. People want to feel a sense of purpose and pride from their work, a fulfillment that what they do matters, with a company whose values match their own.

Many businesses recognize the importance of being socially and environmentally conscious, leading charitable initiatives, such as annual fundraisers for a cause, or a staff-volunteer project. But companies that incorporate social responsibility as a part of their business model prove that dedication, and not just a one time event, to these initiatives goes a long way, both for the cause and their corporate identity.

In today's competitive business world, providing great products or services will only get a business so far. To encourage your customers to keep coming back, you need to let them know that their brand loyalty and hard earned money IS making a difference by arranging the marriage of your Company with a Cause of importance.

What Happens When Community Comes Together

Giving Back and Collaborating with Along Comes Hope®

When it comes to giving back, what Cause will engage and impact your employees and consumers? Will it be the future of our world, such as children fighting cancer? This is where Along Comes Hope®  can partner with your corporate teams and help lead this initiative! Our 501(c)3 mission focuses on helping children with cancer, which has nation-wide impact.

One of our Emotional Support Programs, Mission Courage (shown in the video), allows you to bring Hope The Bear to your hometown hospitals. As you can see, 23ABC News was so engaged they decided to have their own news anchor morph into Hope The Bear.  Your employees can team up to do the same and deliver our program to your local hospitals, bringing hope to the hearts of kids with cancer.  We have various ways any company can join our mission to support these kids and increase corporate moral.

This is a creative way to engage your teams, allow all to take pride in their work, feel a huge sense of purpose working with a company whose values match their own, while benefiting a cause like Along Comes Hope®. Now that is a marriage made to last!

To become a sponsor, create an event and support our mission, or inquire, contact us at: [email protected] or 805-322-1423

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