An 8-Step Guide to Start Writing a Book

By Elite Online Publishing


Many people want to write a book, but the majority of them never go through with it because they think it will be too hard. In just 8 easy steps, we will show you how to get started on writing the book that you have always wanted to get started on.

Step 1: Pick a Genre

Take a look at your bookshelf. By taking a look, you probably see that most of your books are the same genre. You must relate to this genre in one way or another to the point that you could write your own story in the same genre. By reading books of the same genre before, you know what works, what doesn’t work, and get ideas.

Step 2: Start from the End

The endings are always the hardest part of writing any book. You might as well just save yourself some trouble and start from there. As well, since you already have your ending all sort out, it can act as a road map.

Step 3: Create Your Characters

The characters are key to any story. They have to seem concrete and real since they are the ones who the readers connect to with the most. You can base your characters off of people you actually know. If you’re having trouble making them seem realistic, look for character worksheets online, which ask questions about what your character is like. If you know them like you know a friend or family member, then that can correlate when you write about your character.

Step 4: Make an Outline

There are different ways to make an outline, but it is good to be short and sweet. Use bullet points to map out your plot using short phrases to describe the plotline.

Step 5: Write the First Draft

Go get your pen, pencil, or laptop and get to writing. Don’t worry about editing right now. Let the words flow, using your plot to guide you, and make sure to keep going. Don’t give up! Remember that it’s just the first draft. The object here is to just have your story written out.

Step 6: Get Yourself a Drink

There’s no better way to congratulate yourself from finishing your first draft by opening that bottle of wine or cracking open a beer.

Step 7: Rewrite

It’s time to write all over again.

Step 8: Edit

You can do this yourself or get someone to help you with this, but it’s time to get really into your novel and fix anything that needs to be. Don’t be afraid to get harsh with it since it will benefit you greatly in the end.

And there you go! You have written a book!

--Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster - The Brand Building Publishers

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