7 Tips to Change Your Thinking

By Anze Mofor


Here are some suggestions to change your thinking:

  • Breathing and some quiet time. Make the time, and go to a quiet place. Close your eyes and count tour breathing. No one wants to meditate in the middle of a crises but that is exactly what you should do. Meditating is the opposite of prayer. In prayer we speak and God listens, in meditating God speaks and we listen. It relaxes you, clears your mind and helps you focus on the solution.
  • View a situation as bouncing forward, instead of falling backward. For example, it is always hard when you lose a loved one, but it gives you an opportunity to live a more fulfilled life and not waste your days or dwell in the past.
  • Focus on what is this here to teach me? rather than – why me? The world is not out to get you. Bad things happen to everyone. Those who are happiest do not dwell on the pain or hardship.
  • Focus on living with positivity and surround yourself with people that have great positive energy and can lift your spirits up. Low negative energy people tend to radiate, laziness, regret and anger at what has occurred. Living in the past gets you nowhere. The only way forward is to envision the future even through tears.
  • Ask questions from experts and people who have had similar situations. Reading and research also helps.
  • Praying at another time before or after mediating and being specific with what you want to accomplish is also very important.
  • Taking responsibility if it is something you know could have been managed better but was neglected. That always helps to see “the bright side”.

Life is full of choices and decisions we make. Everything we do is a decision we have made. Even simple things like what time you wake up, what you eat, who you keep company with… So if you have chosen to remain to worry, be stuck, unhappy, that is a decision you have made. You have the power and remote control to change that. It is never easy but nothing good happens when things are easy.