5 Things Entrepreneurs Do To Pump Themselves Up

By Carlos Siqueira


No one cares about your business as much as you do, and the only hope you’ll ride on when you start and run your business is that you have a solution to the problem your potential customers have. You'll also make sure you're doing it well and better than your competitors.

As if that wasn’t enough, entrepreneurship is not just full-time work; it demands energy, time, effort, and maybe even your soul.

As such, it’s hard to stay motivated especially when you see bad days, “no sale” quarters, and fickle-minded customers.

When it’s like this how do you stay motivated and pump yourself up? How do you drag yourself to work each day even when it seems like the world seems to be up against you?

Here are a few ways to pump yourself up and stay motivated!:

  • Wake up 45 minutes early to plan your day

If there’s just one single thing you could do to stay inspired, efficient, and more productive, it’s this: wake up earlier than most people do and plan your day.

Doing this single act gives you a lot more time and clarity to accomplish tasks, to do things you’d never be able to do otherwise, to read, to reflect, and to muse before your day starts.

Waking up early also gives you more time to do more than many others. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need all the time you can get.

If you aren’t used to waking up early, it might seem hazy and unsettling at first. But you’ll soon get to appreciate it and you’ll also make good use of the habit.

  • **** Find your purpose ****

If your only purpose to start a business was “money”, you won’t make it. You’d see more bad days than good and face way too much stress while the results might not even mean much. Money is not the purpose.

Money won’t even qualify as a “result”. At best, it could be one of those things that happened thanks to the pinnacle of success your business achieved.

You started a business to solve problems. Your purpose should mean (and matter) to that specific set of customers in a way that brings a change in a way that makes their life easier somehow.

  • Uber isn’t just an app; it changed the way people grab taxis and commute.
  • Evernote isn’t just for note-taking; it’s almost like you have a second brain.
  • Elon Musk’s “Tesla” isn’t just interested in making funny vehicles that run on electricity; his apparently boring company wants to change all of automotive engineering to make it more environmentally friendly.

Reach out beyond the usual boundaries of running your business – like marketing, finances, operations, and accounting. Look at the larger picture.

Again, what is your purpose? What change do you hope to bring to your customers through your business?

  • Feed yourself with inspiration

Having a bad day? Things aren’t going the way you wanted them to? Finding it hard to hire staff? Is your competition doing things you only “hope” to do?

Everyone started somewhere. Some of the largest companies in the world all started from nowhere. Some successful entrepreneurs share their journey in the form of articles and books.

That’s why you should read more often. When you pick on the stories of entrepreneurs who seemed to have seen the end of the earth and some of them – like Steve Jobs – were even ousted from their own companies, what did they do?

How did they come back and get better? What made them who they are? What were they smoking?

Read autobiographies and biographies of successful entrepreneurs who came before you, who built businesses even larger than themselves, and those who have taken this route and accomplished what they set out to do.

You’ll thank yourself for doing that because you'll be inspired; you'll also get enough inspiration to hustle, to learn insights you’ve never have learned, and understand what it takes to run a successful business.

  • Who’s in your company?

They say that you are who you surround yourself with. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs also keep other successful people in their circle.

They network all day long, day after day, month after month, for years on end. They strive to meet like-minded or people even smarter than they are to get better at their own craft, to run their business better, and to be able to tap into a network of fine people if they ever need help.

Swim with the sharks. Make yourself available to meet people who have the potential to make a difference to your life.

  • Experimenting Is Adventure

Granted that your busy schedule as an entrepreneur might not give you as much time as you’d have wanted to go skiing, bungee jumping, and skydiving. But who says adventure is only available on the alps or along the Nile River?

Successful entrepreneurs are opportunistic and resourceful. They find ways to supplement their adrenaline rush from seemingly mundane and everyday situations.

For that, get into the habit of experimenting with everything:

  • Find new ways to pitch your products and to add value to your clients.
  • Depending on traditional and offline methods to network with people. Try online methods.
  • Figure out new territories or opportunities to expand your business into.
  • Establish new ways to get customers.
  • Explore different countries you can sell your products to.

We all need motivation; entrepreneurs need even more than regular people do. I know that you took a leap of faith when you first started out (or you are going to take the leap now) but that’s just the start.

You need fuel to keep yourself going, to survive the journey, and to succeed.

You have no one else to count on, except yourself.

How are you going to make it? What will you do to pump yourself up?

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