Keith J. Cunningham

Seasoned entrepreneur, internationally-known speaker and acclaimed author Keith J. Cunningham is regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities on business mastery.

Wes Schaeffer

Wes is The Sales Whisperer®, a ruthlessly pragmatic entrepreneur, sales trainer, copywriter, and speaker who believes marketing is just selling in print.

Ann McIndoo

Author of 5 of her own books, Ann has helped speakers, coaches, CEOs, and professionals produce more than 1,250 books! It’s your turn!

Dr. Greg Brown

Dr. Greg as a nationally recognized forensic psychiatric expert shares some his most memorable cases. You get the facts. You decide. See if you agree. Explore the real world of forensic psychiatry.

John Limbocker

John Limbocker is Founder and CEO, of Internet Dominators. Internet Dominators is responsible for over 100 Million in increased online sales for its commercial clients through natural SEO techniques.

Parthiv Shah

Parthiv Shah is a business strategist who is powered by data vision. Parthiv sees raw and rough data in a business situation and point out things that a CEO can do to improve monetization, ascension, retention and referrals.

Eric Chong

Eric Chong is a list building expert, social media coach and consultant from Sacramento, CA. He helps business owners build and increase their list of customers by using social media.

Aleksander Sinigoj

Entrepreneur, coach, mentor, speaker, writer. Passionate about personal and professional growth. His and yours.

Jeff Comas

Jeff Comas is a musician, educator, and entrepreneur. A professional musician since 1980, and an educator since 1989. He has given over 40,000 music lessons to thousands of students. He owns the large

Teresa Parr

Teresa Parr has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She consults and speaks on a variety of topics in the fields of education and psychology including the use of behavioral science to change behavior.

Jenn Foster

Jenn Foster is a 10x Best Selling Author & one of today's national leading online and mobile marketing experts. Jenn is the owner of Elite Online Publishing and the founder and CEO of Biz Social Boom.

Danny Ruderman

Nationally recognized as one of America's premier college counselors, Danny has helped families of CEOs & celebrities, written books on admissions, & created programs used by Fortune 500 companies.

Carlos Siqueira

Carlos Siqueira is an Exceptional Peak Performance Coach in all areas of life & One of A Kind Speaker that transform the lives of anyone in his path.

Charles Byrd

Passionate business leader specializing in program management, marketing & creative communications. Ensures successful leadership and achievement of stakeholder goals through a consistent methodology.

Dr. Susan Feneck

Dr. Susan Feneck earned an A.A.S in Business Administration and continued on to a BA in Communication Studies and a MS in Counseling and Human Services. Dr. Feneck then went on to earn a Doctorate Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Eliakim Thorpe

Eliakim Thorpe is a sought-after speaker, a business consultant, entrepreneur, author, and an authority on organizational transformation. He draws from his experience working with, and consulting for, Fortune 10 to Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, Whirlpool, General Motors, Chrysler, Pfizer and many others.

Dirk Vermin

Tattoo artist extraordinaire for 2 decades, Dirk owns PussyKat Tattoo Parlor in Las Vegas. He is the guitarist/singer in “Dirk Vermin & The Hostile Talent” and star of A&E’s “Bad Ink”

John Burke

John Burke is a two time Emmy award winning television host and actor. John is a recognizable actor, best known for his work in The Amazing Spider-Man, Sicario, and R.I.P.D. John is also the host of Outdoor Nevada.

Glenn Dietzel

Glenn Dietzel is an internationally recognized Thought Leader and business acceleration strategist.

Peter Anthony Wynn

Brash, Bold, Outspoken, Controversial, & right on the money! The prodigal son of NY has been an award-winning entrepreneur since building brands at 19.

Joe Frazzette

JOE FRAZZETTE is a fiction writer with professional experience in sales and marketing, as well as clinical hypnosis. He effectively utilizes his past experiences in these fields to contribute to the characters and stories he develops.

Tamra Richardt

Tamra Richardt has over twenty years experience in media, as an on-camera talent working for some of the biggest clients in the world.

Bill Heinrich

The combination of Bill Heinrich's life experiences, his own personal transformation (which still continues today), and the tools he developed allow him to show you your Divine essence.

Stephanie Wynn

Stephanie is a Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates member. As an IEP Advocate Stephanie has worked with parents, students, & districts across the US.

Tania Dilmani

Tania is a celebrity in the world of busy moms, passion purpose driven entrepreneurs, conscious authors and speakers, empowering them to create a 6 figure income stream, THRIVING!

Nonito Donaire

He (born on November 16, 1982) is a Filipino American professional boxer. Nonito is a three-division world champion, where he won seve world titles in three different boxing weight classes.

Elite Online Publishing

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson are publishing experts and book writing gurus. They walk you through what it takes to become a #1 Best Selling Author.

Spunk Burke

Spunk entered the emerging contract staffing industry and spent the bulk of his career selling and managing various innovations pertaining to contingency workforce services.

Stanley Dawejko

My name is Stanley Dawejko Jr, I am the author of Life's Recipe for a Rich Soul with the help of the Law of Attraction. I believe the sky is the limit that there is nothing that we can not do as long

Oliver Schlaffer

Inspired by different art forms Oliver works to communicate passion for living an inspired life through music in his performances, recording, music videos, festivals, teaching, and public engagements.

Amia Adonai

Laser focused, plugged- in, & operating from an inner well- spring of joy, bringing a new vibrational technology balanced in business & consciousness for a life well lived to those who desire more.

Nikki Stewart

Nikki Stewart is an attorney, health educator, food advocate, certified yoga instructor and mother of two.

Rev. Kimberly Thorpe L.M.S.W.

Kimberly is a sought after transformational speaker, having first transformed her own life. She is a transformational speaker, coach, reverend and consultant who can passionately motivate, critically evaluate, inspire, and transform people and organizations

Forbes Riley

Forbes Riley has created a trusted brand name for herself and is recognized internationally as an award-winning TV host, spokesperson, celebrity fitness and lifestyle expert, keynote speaker, and author.

Brent Phillips

Brent Phillips is an internationally known and best selling author, and the media has called him the "#1 most powerful American healer and spiritual teacher."

Paul Talbot

Paul Talbot is a professional copywriter with clients around the world.

Jennifer Hammond

Jennifer Hammond has been in the real estate arena for over 20 years. Her energy and lovable personality combined with her savvy knowhow have helped her sell hundreds of homes over her 20 year career in real estate. You can find Jennifer's awesome personality on Sirius XM Radio.

Brian A. Williams

Passionate about helping businesses grow their profits through wickedly smart marketing; including having a steady flow of new 5-Star reviews being posted by clients.

Melinda L. Goodwin

Published Author TV Writer/Producer/Host Restaurant Critic/Video Blogger Inman News Contributor Key Note Speaker on Realestate, Customer Service, and Promoting Women in Business.

Lauren Koenig

Travel activist, company founder and TWIP CEO. Anyone that knows Lauren understands she has a love affair and an abiding passion for travel.

Jeanne Birnkrant

Like a metal detector set to find Gold, Jeanne intuitively mines for the most valuable gems in in each client’s life and knows how to position those gems for maximum value and attraction to their idea

Loren Slocum Lahav

Loren Slocum Lahav is a sought-after expert, author, speaker & entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the personal development and life-coaching industry.

Melanie Johnson

Melanie Churella Johnson is a 7x best selling author, she owned and operated two TV stations. She built and marketed the Houston Mansion and she is currently the owner of Elite Online Publishing.

Nava Feller

Living a healthy and happy lifestyle has always been a priority for me. At a young age I danced professionally and taught and performed jazz dance. Then I became an aerobics and fitness instructor.

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

Scott-Mumby made medico-legal history in 1986, a UK Crown Court accepted his evidence that food allergy was capable of making a youth murderously violent; Now Supernoetics is making history.

Amanda Dake

Amanda Dake has been helping businesses grow for over 6 years. She is an expert in strategy as well as implementation. We can help you go from conception to conversion.

Geno Stampora

Geno has consulted with many manufacturers in his role as beauty industry expert and consultant. He has educated industry artists and sales people all over the world.

Donna Kater

Master of the art of reinventing oneself, particularly after a life-changing event. Dedicated to helping people survive, come alive, and thrive!

Attorney Neil E. Colmenares

Neil serves on the referral panels to various legal organizations, writes articles on the complex area of Bankruptcy law to various professional organizations, and has taught continuing legal education courses to other attorneys on the complex area of Bankruptcy law.